Hubby and I took a much needed weekend vacation to New York City for our birthday. Fun little fact, hubby and I share a birthday, he is a year older. He had a conference on Saturday, so we left on Thursday to spend some time wandering around New York.

ImageI always say that there is no better way to explore a city then by walking it. I think we only rode the subway about 3 times. We got into the city early afternoon on Thursday and started our adventure. We were both ready for lunch and the great thing about NYC, there is no shortage of places to eat. We have this rule; you can’t eat a place that you would find at home. Since we were both really hungry, we grabbed a sandwich from the deli next to our hotel and mapped out our plan. Hubby really wanted to see the UN so we made our way to the east in search of the UN. From there, somehow we meandered to Time Square. There was so much bustle and commotion, it was great. We check out a couple of stores, like the Hershey and M&M store and found dinner and our way back to the hotel.


It was so nice to wake up when we wanted to, without someone needed to be changed, or want to play. Friday, we took the subway down to the financial district to see the World Trade Center Memorial. What a beautiful tribute. There really aren’t words to describe it. We made our way down to Battery Park to see the Statue of Liberty. Neither of us had the desire to wait in the line to go through security to get on a boat to take us to the island, so we just admired her from a distance! Plus, it was so windy and the waves were pretty big, seasickness would not have been good. We found this great little Asian café for lunch. I have decided that I want to learn how to cook international food so that our kids are exposed to it early on.

I had some friends who had talked about the High Line, so we went to check it out for ourselves. What a fun “park.” It is an abandoned above ground rail road that was turned into a walking park. There were trees, flowers and sculptures. I love how people have gotten creative with green space. If I worked near there, that would be a great place to take my lunch on a warm sunny day. They are actually adding another section to the High Line, I guess I better go back when it is done!   Of course we had to stop at our favorite yogurt place, Pink Berry. I guess it is a good thing that there isn’t once closer to home, or I might be there way too much.

Hubby’s conference started on Friday night so we grabbed some dinner from Bare Burger. What a great restaurant. I had a Californian with a quinoa veggie burger. I have to admit, it was really good. Neither of us was adventurous enough to try the wild boar! He went off to his conference and I wandered around the city a little more.  Unfortunately, I had to finish a paper for my Dev. Psych class so I made my way back to the hotel to work on the paper.


Saturday, our actual birthday, hubby was in his conference so I decided I was going to check out some other parts of the city. I ventured into the garment district to drool over all the beautiful fabric. I actually found 2 cotton pieces to add to my collection, but I mainly wanted to just see all the pretty fabric. I went back to a different part of Time Square to see more of it and then jumped on the subway and headed to the top of Central Park at 110th. I made my way through Central Park and it was beautiful. The park was filled with runners, bikers, and walkers. They were having a Jazz in the park day, so every little bit there were different jazz bands playing. Grand Rapids needs cool stuff like that! I made my way to Grand Central Station where I was going to meet up with Hubby for dinner. He still had more conference to attend so I left him and meandered back to our hotel on 35th. I ended up walking just about 70 blocks that day. I figured that in the 3.5 days we were there, I walked an average of about 10 miles each day. There is no better way to see a city then on foot! I actually lost weight whileon vacation, which never happens. Now that I lost weight on vacation, I am going to lose weight during the holidays!

I love NYC, I don’t know if I could live there with kids, but if there were no kids, I think I could. This weekend was exactly what we had needed to reconnect and recharge. Now, it is time to get back to reality of kids, work and school. I have my final coming up at the beginning of December. Thankfully, I have the month of December off before I start my next class. Even though I don’t enjoy online classes, my next class will also be online. It is just a little easier with Ms. E being needy and Buster wanting to be involved with so many things. I keep reminding myself, this is only a season and it will be over soon!