I cannot believe that it is November already, where did October go? Somehow life got in the way of my plans for October. I am happy to say that I achieved my goal of getting to 300lbs at my doctor’s visit, but I am not going to make it to 295 by the time we go to NYC this weekend. I have gotten less diligent on my grazing and meal choices. Breakfast, lunch and snacks are easy because I pack those. Breakfast is a protein shake and lunch usually consists of a half of flatout with a wedge of laughing cow cheese, 2 oz. of turkey, a serving of fruit, ½ cup of cottage cheese and a serving of vegetables and 2 oz. of hummus. I also have a protein bar and Greek yogurt for my two snacks. Pretty good, right?! That is until I get home. I find myself grazing more and snacking just because, not because I am hungry.

This past month I have been struggling at work and with school. At work, I am trying to figure out my purpose. It has been an adjustment going from a small non-profit to a large corporation and I just trying to find my place there. With school, I am trying to decide what type of degree I want to get, my associates or my bachelors. I am really leaning toward starting out with my associates and then going back to work on my bachelors. There are so many different factors that are playing into that decision. I continually pray that God will open the doors that he wants me to go through and close the doors that I need to stay out of.

I am finding that I am so busy with things that need to be done, taking care of my family, working, school, helping Buster with his homework, and daily household chores that I am not able to do things I enjoy. I don’t get the gym as often as I would like and I haven’t been able to enjoy any of my favorite activities such as reading, sewing or hanging out with friends, which has played into both my physical health and emotional health. I do have to say, this weekend I finally was able to work on a sewing project with a dear friend. I made Christmas stockings for the kids and they turned out really cute! But it felt even better to just chat and catch up with my friend, it had been way to long.Image

November is a new month and a fresh start. At work we can compete in a pool to either maintain our current weight or lose at least 5 pounds through the end of the year. I plan to lose at least 15 pounds by the end of the year. No more excuses, I need to start walking at lunch again and finding other times to get in the exercise. I also plan on staying more connected with all of you, or those of you who are still reading.